Okay kids…… We are not talkin Texas tea here….. We are talking about the latest technique that can help fight infection and give you….. more energy, clearer skin, greater control over cravings, relief over gastrointestinal issues, improved immunity, better sleep,whiter teeth and much fresher breath…….. Shall I go on? Read on My Healthy Nuggets!!

Oil pulling….. Take two tsp. of solid unrefined coconut oil in a tiny glass or shot glass and place in a bowl of boiling hot water…. just to liquefy the coconut oil…. meaning do not mix water with the oil, we are just using the hot water to melt the coconut oil (better than microwaving). Pour the liquid coconut oil in your mouth and start the pulling…. Swish the oil, pulling and pushing through your entire mouth, sucking and pulling through your teeth….. making sure your tongue and gums get coated. Continue for 20 minutes, then spit out the oil…. which should be cloudy upon hitting the sink…. meaning that it is bacteria laden!

According to Stuart Nunnally, D.D.S., a holistic dentist in Marble Falls, Texas, this is the holistic way to maintain healthy teeth, gums, mouth and body. Holistic healers are big believers that each tooth correlates to an organ or system of the body by lines of energy called meridians….. very similar to the way that acupuncture connects points on the hands, feet, scalp and ears to other parts of the body. Even healthy looking teeth can harbor bacteria and tiny infections that can cause inflammation and effect other organs in our bodies. This is the very best way to dislodge hidden bacteria and detoxify the entire mouth.

“The fatty outer membranes of microbes and other toxins are attracted to the oil, so the oil acts as a magnet, pulling gunk out of every crevice and pore of your teeth, tongue and gums,” says holistic nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., author of “Fat Flush for Life.” According to studies…. Oil pulling does such an amazing job of removing bacteria that it reduces gingivitis by up to 60% and plaque up to 30%…….. 4 to 5 times more effective than mouthwash!

Dr. Nunnally recommends pulling everyday….. unless you have mercury fillings, then you should only pull twice a week as the technique can extract too many vapors, which can be inhaled….. relating to mercury related problems.

Gotta run…. off to Whole Foods to get my coconut oil!! Oil pulling time!!

  1. Gena L. says:

    This is so very interesting. Can we use any other type of oil, or does it have to be the coconut oil?

  2. Silvia Thomas says:


  3. Olivia Daniels says:

    I have heard about this before and I will now try it. Thank you

  4. Jess Holstrom says:

    i tried this two days ago and I swear my teeth are whiter, even my crowns. It truly is a wonderful way to clean your teeth and mouth! Fantastic tip! My dentist told me there was no way to get these crown whiter, I will tell him about oil pulling!

  5. sankar says:

    great information at http://www.oilpulling.com

  6. tanya says:

    This is a new to me, had not heard of. New reason to get the mercury fillings out. Any amount of detox that I do, those are still sitting there in my mouth. Thank you.

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