Chic…. yet comfy….The hot new trend on the streets and taking Los Angeles by storm…. JWEATS! What are jweats you ask? The jean meets sweatpant combo. Casual by day… Pair with a heel…. and fun enough for evening! Alexander Wang and Rag and Bone showed them for spring/summer 2011. Fun, funky and oh so fabulous! YAY for JWEATS!

I bought a pair of tie dyed jweats at The Top Shop in The Department store in Auckland, New Zealand two weeks ago! Great for that 14 hour flight!

  1. Hill says:

    These are hysterical! Who is selling these now?

  2. Jasmine Carter says:


  3. K says:

    Who makes the cute tie dye pants?

  4. SL says:

    These look so comfortable and easy to wear. Not the cutest pants I have ever seen, but very wearable.


  5. Britteny H. says:


  6. Conni says:

    HATE!! These are so freaking ugly!!!!! I am praying on my knees that these DO NOT COME BACK INTO FASHION!

  7. Laura Dunn says:

    Conni Darling!

    I am with you!! I think they are pretty ugly…. BUT… They are so comfortable! Sometimes in life we must give into comfort!! Just think about how we suffer on a daily basis for fashion and maybe you will get a pair!!


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