I wrote about Bio K a few months back, touting the benefits when you are under the weather, but thought I should go a bit further and tell you why this friendly bacteria should be a part of everyday life….. Not just during emergencies…. Read on My Beautiful┬áBeneficial Bacteria Babes and Gents….

Besides boosting our immune systems, probiotics will help your entire body run better and more efficiently. Now here is the best part and what we will be focusing on today….. WEIGHT LOSS… According to Fred Pescatore M.D., coauthor of “Boost Your Heath With Bacteria,” More and more evidence is showing that an individual’s inner balance can influence how one absorbs calories and whether one gains weight or loses it.” There were studies done at Washington University in St. Louis that revealed that certain “bad” gut bacteria were capable of extracting extra calories from food, thereby doubling fat accumulation. Could these “bad” boy bacterias really be behind weight gain? There are a group of Belgian researchers that think so…..

Unfriendly bacteria can overwhelm the “friendly” (good) bacteria in the protective lining of the intestinal wall and cause mucosal barrier breakdown, which creates permeability that’s linked to weight gain. As with any battle, the key is override the bad and build up the good. Our heroes in this war are “BIFIDOBACTERIA”….. WHICH IS FOUND IN MOST CULTURED DAIRY…. Like yogurt, kefir and Bio K. Research indicates that increasing bifidus counts can restore our intestinal cells’ barrier function….. Here is where it get’s really fun!! Higher bifidus levels equal…. Weight loss, clearer skin, lower cholesterol and a bumped up immune system….. just to name a few!!

To really help with our “WAR” on bad bacteria while pumping up the “friendly bacteria”…. The book “The Body Ecology Diet” will help spell out how to make wiser food choices, bring your body back to it’s alkaline state and help lose weight, keep it off and wake up these beautiful bodies that God gave us by restoring internal harmony, vitality and help us feel stronger and younger!!

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    Always good information

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    i didn’t know that probiotics could aid in weight lose. thankx

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    this is really helpful. i have heard great things about the book.

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    Great post. Very helpful. Thanks!

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